Separation and divorce are tremendously deep and personal transitions in life.

I know that your sleepless nights are often filled with heartache, fear, second guessing and disillusionment. The stress creeps into every aspect of your life. You worry about your job, your children, your security, your finances and your future.

It seems like the more you research or the more you talk to people about separation and divorce, the more confusing all of it becomes.

While you value and appreciate the emotional support you are getting from your friends and family, let’s face it—they're likely only telling you what they think you want to hear.  Truly, there is only so much they can understand about what you are experiencing.  Even if some of them have been through this before, everyone's separation and divorce is so individual and different - friends and family really don't know what to expect in this situation or how to help you navigate through this mess (that you never dreamt you would ever find yourself in).  

I get it.

You don’t really feel like you need a counselor or a therapist because there isn’t really anything “wrong” with you. You're just going through a really, really, really, hard time.

Many times lawyers aren't interested or qualified to help you navigate through the personal stuff; and even if they could give you practical life advice and information about separation and divorcepaying their expensive hourly rates doesn't make a great deal of sense.

Let me help you.

I have harmonized the skills, education and knowledge of my career as a lawyer, social worker and mediator to help you process and progress through the deep and personal life transition of separation and divorce. I believe in a new model of helping clients so much that I retired from practicing law in order to pursuit it fully.

Separation or divorce coaching can include:  

  • Helping you get emotionally prepared and practically organized to  engage in your separation and minimize the impact of your separation on all aspects of your health and reduce your reliance on costly legal advice 

  • Increasing your understanding of separation or divorce language and “the system."  This is especially helpful for people who have not yet engaged with a lawyer or those who intend to be self represented in their separation or divorce.  Even those engaged with a lawyer, however, will benefit from separation coaching to enhance, compliment and make their work with a lawyer more efficient and cost effective. 

  • Creating clarity about your goals and developing a plan that is realistic to meet those goals given the specifics of your separation story. 

  • Connecting you to free internet and government resources to maximize your own education and knowledge about your separation or divorce. 

  • Discussing and identifying what kind of resources you may need during your separation and divorce.

  • Transitioning or connecting you to trusted professionals when necessary including financial professionals, counselors or a family law lawyer. I can fully prepare you for your work with any of these professionals by providing a full transition report.

  • Exploring how you want your separation story to sound.

  • Learning the common stages of and reactions to separation and divorce.

  • Understanding the implications of your's and your ex’s acceptance of the separation and how that affects your separation story.

  • Assessing whether your choices are meeting your needs and if not, refocus, shift and redirect you.

  • Exploring ways to support your children through your separation or divorce right from breaking the news to introducing a new partner.

  • Developing better communication skills with and reactions to your ex.

  • Strategizing ways to increase the effectiveness of your co-parenting.

  • Talking about the implications of guilt, shame and blame.

  • Reflecting on and assessing how your actions and reactions are contributing to the sound of your separation story.

  • Our work together is flexible and can be tailored to your separation or divorce needs. 



Regardless of where you are in your separation story or whether you have a lawyer or are self represented, I will support, guide, educate, inform and inspire you to move beyond the current reality of your separation story so you can return to a state of optimism again.


Lana Wickstrom mediation services for divorcing or separating couples in Saskatchewa, Canada.


Single Separation Coaching Session
60 minute session

Separation Coaching Package;
Best value and optimal client support

Five 75 minute sessions with ongoing personalized coaching support between sessions to build on your identified goals and bridge your progress between sessions including:
-  detailed reporting emails following each session,
- personalized transition to appropriate referral resources;
-  access to me via email to meaningfully respond to client concerns and questions between sessions in a timely manner; and
-  consistent personal outreach and accountability during the course of our work together during this often isolating and deep life transition. 
$1499.00 (total estimated hours of support to client in package is 10 hours including 6.5 hours of direct in person client contact hours and 3.5 total hours of additional bridging support provided directly to client but outside of direct client sessions)

**Total costs of coaching package can be paid in two equal instalments, the first of which is due on the date of the first session, second half due at date of session 3.  





I offer separation coaching services to only one of the separating parties, not both, as the relationship between coach and client in this context is one of significantly personalized advocacy as opposed to the neutral relationship that I assume in some of the services that I offer in working with both separating parties. 

****Separation coaching is not a substitute or replacement for legal advice****. Included within the value of a separation coaching package can be the personalized referral to a preferred family law lawyer as may be required to assist with any issue requiring legal advice that is identified during our separation coaching work together. 


Sessions conducted in person (at my office); or via phone or Zoom (think Skype without the hassles).


Please note that all matters discussed in separation coaching remain confidential with the following exceptions:

➤ Any past or imminent harm or abuse to a child currently younger than 16 years of age will be reported to proper authorities; 
➤ Any imminent threat of harm to self or to another adult will be reported either to proper authorities and/or to other persons who may be required to intervene as necessary; 
➤ Sessions are closed, meaning I cannot be called to Court or asked to produce a report for Court purposes;
➤ Information about yourself can be used to pursue payment in the event of non-payment.


**Separation coaching services are not a replacement or substitute for legal advice.