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What kind of separation or divorce story do you want to write?


After practicing law for more than a decade, I know that separating is scary, intimidating, and isolating for my clients. I also know that courtrooms are notorious for making people’s family law problems worse. Court battles often leave already vulnerable relationships suffering with irreversible damage. 

I have seen firsthand that without professional support and guidance, separating and divorcing people more often than not find themselves unnecessarily consumed financially, socially, emotionally and physically by their separation.  

With credible, insightful, and honest information early in the early stages of separation or divorce, people can and will make informed and healthier choices about how they want their separation story to sound. Without it, life changing decisions often end up being made by a stranger in a courtroom wearing a black robe. 

With compassionate, personalized and professional services, people can grow beyond their separation struggles instead of continuously feeling victimized by them. 


Phone or Zoom (think Skype but better) sessions available for anyone separating or divorcing in Saskatchewan.

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Lana Wickstrom // Legal information, mediation, and separation coaching for divorcing couples in Saskatchewan.

I understand what you need & can help.

I have harmonized over 15 years of professional education, training and experiences as a lawyer, social worker and mediator to provide non-court options for separating or divorcing clients during this tremendously deep and personal life transition. What I witnessed during my years as a courtroom family law lawyer motivated me to create better, longer lasting and more meaningful options for my clients than “lawyering up and going to court”. As a mother to three young children in a dual working parent household, I understand the pressures of day to day life even without the consuming struggle, guilt and stress of separation and divorce weighing on me. Knowing this reality for my clients fuels my passion to inspire, educate and support people just like you to make informed choices that that hold your dignity, prioritize your family’s needs and preserve your preciously scarce resources as you author your own separation story.

I've helped many people in your situation. I understand what you're going through.


➤ You can’t believe this is happening. Promises have been broken and your world feels upside down. 

➤ You have no idea what your options are, but you know that “lawyering up” and “going to war in court” just don't feel right. 

➤ You feel embarrassed, guilty, and ashamed to tell your coworkers, family and friends that your relationship has failed. 

➤ You want to make smart and informed choices, but are completely overwhelmed by the legal jargon and confusing information you’ve found online. 

➤ You lose sleep worrying about the effect your separation is having on your children. 

➤ You struggle to describe how you’re feeling so you have started closing yourself off from the world, resolved that no one else understands. 

➤ You are worried about your finances, or lack thereof. 

➤ You are tired and worn down from all of the unsolicited “advice” from your friends and family about what you “should” be doing. 

➤ You want to be able to look your children in the eye when you talk to them about their lives. 

➤ You long to talk to your friends and family about something other than the daily and seemingly unending drama of your separation. 

➤ You want to feel calm, content, and happy again instead of exhausted,drained, and desperate. 

➤ You are seeking the clarity, strength, and support to grow beyond your separation struggle into the best possible version of yourself.

There is a better path through separation and divorce than court. I am dedicated to guiding and supporting you through that better path so you can begin to feel good again.

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Separation specialist in Saskatoon, SK, Lana Wickstrom, has years of practical experience with family law and specializes in separation agreements and divorce filings.

Family law practitioner and separation specialist in Saskatoon, SK, Lana Wickstrom, promotes amicable separation and divorce strategies and coaches couples through it.

No one plans for divorce or for separation. When a couple comes together in marriage there is no "exit plan" put into place, generally. Lana Wickstrom, separation specialist in Saskatoon, SK, is a professional lawyer, social worker, mediator and coach. As a separation specialist, she is experienced in family law and handles separation agreements and matters of divorce throughout the province of Saskatchewan.

Divorce lawyers in Saskatoon, SK do not have the special touch that Lana Wickstrom separation specialist does, providing guidance during this difficult transition.

Family law attorney and separation specialist Lana Wickstrom provides divorce coaching and mediation services for her clients in Saskatoon, SK and all of Saskatchewan.

Because Lana is well-versed in all aspects of family law in Saskatoon, SK she is able to devote herself completely to her new model of work. Her services include legal information consultations, mediation proceedings as well as separation coaching.

Separation agreement and former family lawyer in Saskatoon, SK, Lana Wickstrom, has several years of experience coaching and supporting families through divorce.

Family law advice in Saskatoon, SK is most effective from Lana Wickstrom, separation specialist, because she believes in honesty, fairness and personalized service.

Family lawyer and separation specialist Lana Wickstrom coaches clients in Saskatoon, SK and across Saskatchewan through the difficult period of divorce and separation.

Through her legal information consultations, clients have assistance with sorting through the legal details that apply to their personal family situation. Lana provides an informed perspective of family law in Saskatoon, SK right from the beginnings of each couple’s separation story, backed by her years of experience. She stresses to those who seek her professional assistance that each situation is unique, and will require personalized guidance for finalizing separation agreements in Saskatoon, SK.

Marriage separation in Saskatoon, SK can be difficult, but separation specialist Lana Wickstrom provides valuable advice, coaching and mediation for couples in need.

Lana began her career as a courtroom lawyer, but after more than 10 years of practice she decided she could better serve her clients in a way that more properly reflected her views and values. As a separation specialist in Saskatoon, SK, Lana’s primary goal is to assist those who are traversing through the difficult process of separation and divorce in the best ways possible.

Legal separation in Saskatoon, SK can be made easier on the family and at a less financial cost when mediated and coached by Lana Wickstrom, separation specialist.

By choosing mediation services, couples will collaborate to make decisions and reach agreements together. Lana maintains that if someone if looking to "war out disagreements in court," she is most definitely not the right person to serve in that situation. Investing in conflict is bound to result in conflict itself. If prioritizing one’s family is high on one’s list, then hiring Lana, a separation specialist in Saskatoon, SK, is the perfect solution.

Separation and divorce in Saskatoon, SK is made easier and less costly when Lana Wickstrom, separation specialist, is hired to coach a couple and mediate agreements.

Divorce process for any couple in Saskatoon, SK is difficult, but Lana Wickstrom, separation specialist, provides valuable legal mediation and transitioning guidance.

If a client selects Lana for her expertise in separation agreements in Saskatoon, SK or her divorce coaching services, they can be assured that during this difficult transition she will provide honest feedback and guidance. This particular service includes increasing one’s understanding of the system's legal terms, helping to make time invested with a lawyer easier and more cost effective, discussing what resources may be needed during the divorce, exploring how each separation story will sound, learning the most common stages of this process and assessing whether or not certain choices meet each specific need. As a practitioner of family law in Saskatoon, SK, Lana has beneficial resources available for all aspects of separation and divorce for her clients.

Divorce mediation in Saskatoon, SK by Lana Wickstrom, separation specialist, helps make the legal processes easier and couples create their own separation story.

Family divorce lawyer in Saskatoon, SK and now a separation specialist, Lana Wickstrom provides couples and families with custody agreements and financial arrangements.

Not only is Lana a separation specialist in Saskatoon, SK, a lawyer, a mediator and a social worker, but she is also is a mother, wife, daughter, sister and a friend. She understands the stressfulness and grief spurred forth by the situational crisis of divorce and developing separation agreements in Saskatoon, SK. It doesn't have to be as scary and confusing as it first appears, though. Allow her to assist you in this difficult time, should you decide that you need the help, and Lana will help guide you through all aspects of the process with her mediation services, legal information consultations and her divorce or separation coaching services.

Child custody mediation in Saskatoon, SK is imperative to a civil divorce or separation, so contact Lana Wickstrom, separation specialist, for valuable guidance.

Family law mediation in Saskatoon, SK is imperative to a couple’s civil divorce or separation, so contact Lana Wickstrom, separation specialist, for valuable guidance.