Client Testimonials

"Lana Wickstrom assisted me during an extremely difficult point of negotiating my custody and access agreement. My particular case was complicated by my severe accumulative post-traumatic stress disorder. Lana’s compassion and understanding made processing and responding to the custody issues much easier and I was able to make better, more informed choices once working with her. Lana’s upfront approach to supporting me was to ensure that I was always first considering my daughter’s needs when making decisions. It is easy to get caught up in the anger and want to hurt the other party; Lana was able to keep me focused on my daughter’s best interests. Lana’s compassion, professionalism and integrity are some of her wonderful qualities that enabled me to resolve my custody issues with peace of mind knowing that my priorities were met."

Heather Chernoff, Saskatoon
"When my marriage ended and I needed advice, I initially met with a lawyer from a well-regarded law firm, and after speaking with them for an hour, I left the meeting feeling overwhelmed, discouraged, anxious, and still somewhat uninformed. So it was a huge relief when I met with Lana. She carefully walked me through the process and made me feel completely at ease every step of the way. Lana was supportive, kind, funny, knowledgeable, and generally just a pleasure to work with. But perhaps most importantly, she made me feel empowered rather than afraid."

Jessica Edwards, Saskatoon
""Lana was able to clearly explain the legal process so that I was completely knowledgeable about the stages and work that needed to be done. Lana worked in close collaboration with me verifying all the information and details of my situation and reflecting them accurately and professionally, and this is one of the things I appreciated most from her. Lana took the time to make me think about the bigger picture. She was thorough, diligent, responsive to my needs, and was a confidant in a very difficult time of my life. Lana became more than someone I paid to help me - she became my guardian angel watching over and protecting me."

Cheryl Hoftyzer
"The day I met Lana I knew that my life was about to change. I was scared, nervous and apprehensive about what my separation meant for me and my children, but instantly she put me at ease. Our first conversation was not only informational but supportive, and I left my meeting with Lana finally breathing after holding my breath for what felt like months. Through our continued correspondence, I always walked away knowing what the plan was for the upcoming transition and in such never felt apprehensive as I knew I was in good hands. Lana is amazing at what she does and does it with her entire heart and soul! I am so very blessed our paths crossed!"

Amy Novakovski, Martensville
"I have unending praise for how dedicated and determined Lana was in her work with me. Lana was truthful, honest and fair and was there for me and helped me to understand the emotional, financial and practical aspects of the journey I have been on through my separation. Separating and everything that comes with it has not been an easy for me, but every time I walked out of her office, I felt confident, secure and like a huge weight had been lifted off my chest. She is one of the most caring people I have ever met and would highly recommend her. She is awesome!"

Margit Nagy, Saskatoon
"I had been avoiding dealing with an issue and had a lot of resistance to pursuing it and getting help. I was referred to Lana and the first time that I met her she was able to help me understand and put me at ease. Lana is extremely knowledgeable but the most important part for me is that she genuinely cares. She was exceptional to work with and I wouldn't have wanted to have to go through it with anyone but Lana. I would highly recommend her to anyone!"

Angie Cooper, Life and Health Coach, Saskatoon