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No one commits to a relationship or marriage with an exit plan mapped out.  

I’m Lana Wickstrom. I am a lawyer, social worker, mediator, coach, mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. I help people just like you get through the tremendously deep and personal life transition of separation and divorce with dignity.

After more than ten years of being a courtroom lawyer, I decided to create a better way to service clients that aligns with what I believe and what I value. I believe in my new model of helping clients so much that I retired from practicing law in order to pursue it fully.

I know that this feels foreign, scary and disorienting. There is so much coming at you from your ex, your kids, your friends, your family, books, government resources and the internet that it is impossible to know how to filter all the information on your own. It’s hard to prioritize and focus when everything seems so overwhelming and consuming.
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Let me help you.

I know that it is extraordinarily challenging during separation or divorce to know what to do, let alone to take the high road while doing it. The frustrations are so high and the lows are so low at times that it feels easier to just throw in the towel, give up on trying to “play nice” and go to war. People who make that choice often go to court because they are just “done” and they want it to be “over.” Those same people often continue to make decisions throughout their separation or divorce from a place of fear and resignation that unnecessarily compounds the drama, pain and struggle in their separation story.  

But the reality is, “done” and “over” aren't achievable goals in terms of separation and divorce - especially when children are involved. Your relationship with your ex will always be there. It will necessarily change in type, nature and quality after separation or divorce, but it will always be there. Your ex will always be the person you once shared memories and “I love you's” with. He or she will always be your childrens' parent and will always be a person who knows you differently than anyone else.     

And even if you do choose to go to court to have someone other than you decide your family's fate, another reality is that people and families change. Your children will grow older, circumstances will evolve and life will happen. Without some form of functional relationship or ability to communicate, you won’t be able to navigate these inevitable life changes and you will most likely end up back in that courtroom again. And again. That doesn’t just come at an immense financial cost, it also costs you and your children psychologically, socially and personally. To avoid this, you need personalized support to help you process and progress through your separation.

I personally appreciate how consuming and taxing it is to keep up with day-to-day decisions even when things are running smoothly—but now, the mounting pressure of separation and divorce makes it even more daunting because the stakes feel higher. You need professional, credible and insightful information as a foundation for wise choices; many of which will have lifelong impact.

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You should not be doing this alone.

You should not be making monumental, life changing decisions inside of a vacuum.

You should not be handing over the most personal decisions of your life to a stranger in a courtroom wearing a black robe.

You should not be investing your scarce financial resources in more conflict.  

You are not alone. I am here to help.

You have choices.

You have services.

You have support.

Inspiring, educating, and supporting people to separate or divorce with dignity...

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Lana Wickstrom

Professional Bio.

Lana Wickstrom is a heart centered entrepreneur who created non-court options for separating and divorcing people in Saskatchewan as a result of what she witnessed, learned and wished was available for clients during her 15 years of being a lawyer, social worker and mediator. Lana believes in her new model of helping clients so much that she retired from practicing law in order to pursue it fully. Lana has practiced law in the public, private, crown and defense spheres and has experience in family law, child protection, social services, child and youth advocacy, the criminal justice system and personal leadership.

In addition to her professional experiences, Lana has also received Parenting Coordinator and Collaborative Law certification as well as numerous educational opportunities relating to conflict resolution, family law and issues related to separation and divorce.

Lana is active in her home community of Saskatoon and is proud of her small town Saskatchewan roots. Having experienced her own deep life transition in choosing to move her family of 5 back to Saskatoon after a decade of building a personal and professional life in the Yukon, Lana has strong appreciation of how challenging being a partner, parent, sister and friend can be during an immense life change.